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Tri Tech provides fast and reliable document duplication. Paper or digital, new or old, full color or black and white, we create high resolution copies in a fraction of the time. We restore all hard copies to their original condition. All our services are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Whether you need one file copied or hundreds, let Tri Tech Reprographics handle all your reproduction need.


Digitally preserving documents is essential to any modern business. It increases efficiency and lowers costs. Tri Tech Reprographics are the experts. Our sophisticated scanning system is fully mobile, providing exemplary on-site services. Our quality control staff ensures the accuracy of each file scanned. Once your documents are uploaded, our customized indexing system allows for quick and easy retrieval. With Tri Tech Reprographics you can be confident your documents are accurately scanned and securely stored.


With Tri Tech Reprographics state of the art duplication hardware, we can make copies of MRIs, CT scans, Sonograms, Fluoroscopy, and all types of X-rays including dental, veterinary, and industrial. We have been duplicating these types of records to the legal, medical and insurance communities since 1994. Our clients stick with us because the job will be done right the first time.


Tri Tech Reprographics can handle all your oversized and blueprint duplication needs. Whether your originals are hard copies or digital files, we can print high resolution copies or generate digital versions for easy distribution to your clients. We can also create high-quality color line drawings for trial boards or business presentations.


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